Useful Tips
Househole Bacteria Hotspot
  One of the research shown, the bacteria contained inside househole, such as carpet, dining table, toys, door of refrigerators, remote controls or pillows, is 10 times higher that the bacteria contained on the toilet cover. These bacteria may cause hand, foot mouth disease, influenza or enteropathy.


Germs can not be clean or sanitize by using just flesh water. We recommend to use "HANWAI 2X", "HANWAI CN250" or "Hospital-Grade Disinfectant from Australia" to effectively remove germs and protect your family members.

Legionnaires' Disease
  Legionnaires' disease is not transmissibble among human, also not able to spread through eating. Symptoms of such disease are high fever (40 degrees celsius), cough, shortness of breath and diarrhea. It may cause serious respiratory failure and lead to death. Treatment of antibiotics can be apply at early stage of the sickness.

The Approach of Skin Burn by Corrosive Liquid
  Human skin is soft and fragile. Proper handling is important if our skin is burned by corrosive liquid, otherwise scars may leave on our skin. Skin burn by corrosive liquid can be catergorize into 3 degrees. The first degree damage the Epidermis; the second degree damage the dermis and third degree damage the entrie dermis and permanent scars will be left and resulting disfigurement.


Rinse with flesh water to: Reduce the contacted time of corrosive liquid and skin; Reduce the chance of bacterial infection. Seek medical attention as the soonest possible.

Toxic Gas and Explosion Generated by Mixing Bleach and Caustic Soda
  Since Bleach is an oxidizing agent, mixing it with other acid or alkaline solutions, such as stone cleaner, caustic soda or other detergents, may generate lots of heat, corrosive gas or explosion. Inhaling corrosive gas may cause discomfort, asphyxia, hypoxia, destruction of human internal organs or endanger life.


Do not mix any cleaning agents, detergents together to enchance the cleaning performance. It is danger and it may cause unknown chemical reaction. Read the instructions before using any cleaning agents or detergents. Contact the supplier if any difficulties encountered.

  Bugs' fertility is exceptionally strong. The first spawning is about 50, and it can produce 3 or 4 times a year. Therefore, we should keep our home bug free. However, bedbugs are very common in Hong Kong. Bedbugs mostly appears in mattresses, wooden floors and walls or hidden cornors. Please note that bedbugs drink human blood for living.


Use disinfectant, insecticidal products or diluted bleach solution to wipe or spray on house's walls, cornor, bed board for preventing the bugs to breed.

Hand Washing Procedures
- Use flesh water to wet hands first and use soap or washing liquid to rub your hands until foaming.

- Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, carefully wash for every part of your hands including the back, wrist, fingers and nails.

- Wash thoroughly with water, dry your hands with clean towel or paper towel.

- Use paper towel to cover the water taps and shut.

General Note of using Chemical for Household Workers
  It is a usual part of using chemical products for household workers. For safety reason, before using these chemical products, it is better to read the instructions of each products and do all the precautions before using it. It is also important to read the storage method of each products as each chemical has its own characteristic.